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Our range of Aquacam Waterjet Cutting machines can be offered with a five axis cutting head. The CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine innovatively adapted the five-axis control software in traditional high-pressure waterjet control systems.

In addition to the original three-axis platform (X, Y, Z) two new rotational axis are configured, which enables the cutting head rotation in any desired direction. This innovative technology makes it possible to cut parts with complex surfaces, such as cone-shaped, circular arc, rotating curved surface, angled cutting, bevelling or no taper.

In this particular five-axis design, one CNC ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting head contains at least five axis (three linear co-ordinates and two rotating co-ordinates) with co-ordinated processing motion through CNC. Compared to an ordinary waterjet cutting machine, the biggest advantage of a five-axis waterjet design is that the cutting head can rotate in any direction which can produce a pre-set cut bevel at any angle. According to material type and its thickness, different angle settings can be controlled via the software which gives you the ability to have no taper on your finished cut edge.

This technological breakthrough significantly simplified many engineering processes and will dramatically lower production cost.

Applications: Aerospace, military production, automobile manufacturing, building decoration, mechanical processing, the electronic, medical, and even in the food industry.

An ultra-high pressure waterjet uses a KMT intensifier pump to pressurize normal tap water to 10,000-60,000 psi in a split-second and subsequently converts water pressure to kinetic energy through a diamond orifice. This generates a very high velocity water beam with a speed of 2,625-3,280 feet per second or about 2,400 MPH. At the same time a small amount of abrasive is mixed in to generate high-speed friction, which helps the erosion process that is suitable for the precise cutting of hard materials. With less dense materials such as foam, paper, and some wood and rubber, there is no need for the abrasive and the same cutting characteristics can be accomplished with only water. The NC four axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting head is ideal for zero taper cutting, cone shape, circular arc, rotating curved surface, tilting cutting & beveling. There are an additional two rotation axes added to the standard three axis X Y Z table which can make the cutting head rotate in any direction.

All our machines are powered by the World leading KMT Waterjet intensifiers …

Advanced Technology for a Wide Range of Applications

For decades, KMT Waterjet Systems high-pressure technology has set the standard in this field, offering unrivalled efficiency, high continuous load capability and availability. The KMT JETLINE™ JL-1 high pressure pump combines all the advantages of KMT for waterjet cutting applications.

The Key Component of the Jetline™ Pump is the KMT Intensifier made to exacting standards.

Because the intensifier, the source of pressure, contains only a small number of wear parts, operating costs are kept low in comparison with conventional pumps. Also contributing to the outstanding economy of the pump is the long service life of the components subject to wear. Costly downtimes are thus virtually eliminated, which is of particular importance for multiple shift operations.

Exclusive Long, Slow Stroke Ceramic Plunger Moves More Water – Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8”) stroke which moves more volume (up to 5.5ci) allowing a slower stroke rate, extending the life of seals.

“One-Step” Seal Replacement – Hydraulic and high pressure seals can be replaced in one operation with little downtime.

The KMT Jetline™ Pump delivers both pure water and abrasive cutting with each cutting method having its own advantages.

From the separation of relatively soft materials by means of pure water jets to abrasive cutting of extremely hard or brittle materials, the JETLINE™ high pressure pump offers all you need to efficiently process virtually any substance.


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