UL C Space Saver Series

‘UL-C’ Space Saver Series

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The ‘UL-C’ Space Saver Series is suitable for material widths up to 400mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.30 – 3.2mm and to 3,000kg coil weight as standard. This combined 2-in-1 unit saves valuable floor space due to its compact design. Specials on request.


Model Material thickness (mm) Material width (mm) Coil weight (kg)
UL-0220C 0.30 – 2.0 200 2,000
UL-0230C 300 2,000
UL-0240C 400 3,000
UL-0320C 0.50 – 3.20 200 2,000
UL-0330C 300 2,000
UL-0340C 400 3,000
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