Samson 510

Samson 510-2 – Plasma Cutting Machines

The Plasmacam Samson 510 is designed and manufactured in the USA and is the World’s leading CNC robotic plasma cutting machine of its kind complete with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

The Samson 510 CNC plasma cutting machine has a cutting area of 3000mm x 1500mm complete with digital height control(DHC) and your choice of a Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter to suit your requirements.

The Hypertherm Powermax range starts with the Powermax 45 which can pierce 10mm and is available in either 1PH or 3PH. Other models include Powermax 65, 85, 105 and 125.

The larger Powermax 125 has a piercing capacity of 25mm and edge start of 38mm. All machines are supplied with a mechanised cutting torch.


  • Machine bed size : 3000mm x 1500mm
  • Max table weight: 1800kg
  • Cutting/rapid speed (X,Y) 0-25 M/min
  • Raise/lower (Z) 0-2 M/min
  • Resolution (X,Y) 0.0005”
  • Resolution (Z) 0.002”
  • Design Edge CAD design & control software
  • Digital Height Control (DHC)
  • PC with LED monitor with preloaded Design Edge CAD software
  • Video based instruction manual is easy to navigate and guides you with action illustrations
  • Printed operator manual
  • Hypertherm Powermax ‘machine torch’ plasma cutter


What type of Plasma machine do you sell?

We are the Australian distributor for the Plasmacam DHC2 and Samson 510 CNC robotic plasma cutting machines. The Plasmacam and Samson are designed and manufactured in the USA.

What is the Plasmacam warranty period?

Plasmacam has a 3 year warranty which covers all critical components. This is significantly longer than the standard warranty for most plasma cutting machines in Australia.

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