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Lubrication Systems for Industrial Machinery

To keep your heavy-duty machines working at peak efficiency you need to maintain them. Taking care of your conveyors and other metal forming equipment will maximise your return on investment by prolonging their operational lifecycle. All of those moving parts need to be cleaned and lubricated so why not implement a lubrication system?

At Metal Form Group, we specialise in maintaining the safe and consistent operation of automated equipment by helping you choose the right lubrication methods for your industrial purposes. Lubrication, after all, is a vital aspect of ensuring that metal parts can move without causing long-term damage due to wear and ongoing use. Also, by automating the process of cleaning and oiling metal components you can also reduce the amount of heat that the equipment generates because the lubricant can function as a sort of cooling agent.

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Roller Lubricators by Millutensil

The team at Metal Form Group supply the Millutensil range of roller lubricators. These come in a variety of options to accommodate specific industrial requirements. Specifications vary as per oil viscosity, the length of the application at one revolution, the operating speed, the thickness of the material to be coated and more.

The lubrication oil is typically fed to felt rollers via the centre and then outwards through apertures in the roller carrier spindle. Pressure of the upper roller is applied with the use of tension springs.

Lubrication Spray System by Millutensil

We also recommend Millutensil spray lubricators and oil dispensing systems.

The overhead system uses a tank to collect excess oil and emulsion while applying lubricant via a series of nozzles and brushes.

There are also pressurised dispensers that can be frame- or floor-mounted. The liquid in the tank can reach pressures of up to 2.5 bars and there are two valves that allow lubricant to flow and be controlled separately. As a precaution, the dispenser features solenoid valves that prevent lubricant and airflow when the machine stops. To determine whether the tank needs topping up, there is also a gauge that shows how full the tank is.

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