In Die Tapping

Die tapping

In-Die tapping is a valuable special purpose attachment for metal stamping machines. Any process which can be incorporated into the press stroke saves the metal stamper valuable time and money in eliminating secondary operations.

Australian companies are only starting to realise the advantage of in-die tapping and at Metal Form Group we can offer valuable advice and experience on the concept and how to make it work for you.

We run dies in our own stamping and metal pressing plant with in-die tapping so you are welcome to see the in die tapping process in operation.

Meclostampi from Italy have been producing in-die tapping units for many years and have a vast experience in building dies incorporating their units. At Metal Form Group we work closely with Meclostampi to ensure your process will be successful and will be pleased to discuss any requirements for in-die tapping that you may have.

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