Metal Form Group has joined forces with a leading Taiwan manufacturer to introduce a comprehensive range of Coil handling Equipment. The MFG range is engineered to our design specifications to meet industry 's highest standards to deliver unbeatable performance and value.

At Metal Form Group we have our own brand of NC servo roll feeders. We also have various other sources of NC roll feeds including ServoPresse from Italy.

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Servopresse are one of the few feeder manufacturers in the world that have a separate encoder to measure the material pitch after it exits from the roll feed.

The MFG range of NC servo roll feeders also includes Zig Zag NC roll feeder ideal for punching round parts allowing full usage of the coil width, Combined NC servo roll feeder & straightener which is compact saving precious floor space.

Advantages of NC roll feeds are they are quiet, very quick to set and adjust pitch, work at very high speeds, maintain high accuracy and can have advanced programming features such as memory and speed control.

'SRF' series Material Performance Chart

Material width (mm)
Material thickness (mm) SRF-0320 SRF-0330 SRF-0340 SRF-0350
1.4mm 200 300 400 500
1.6mm 185 270 370 450
1.8mm 160 240 300 390
2.0mm 150 210 260 320
2.3mm 135 180 220 260
2.8mm 125 150 170 180
3.2mm 110 130 130 135

'SRH' Heavy Duty series Material Performance Chart

Material width (mm)
Material thickness (mm) SRF-0620 SRF-0630 SRF-0640 SRF-0650
2.3mm 300 400 500
2.8mm 300 400 500
3.2mm 300 400 500
4.0mm 300 400 450
4.5mm 260 360 400
5.0mm 200 290 330
6.0mm 140 200 240

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