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Ship Building

Metal Form Group is able to design and manufacture components for all types of ships and aluminium boat building. Our components have been used in commercial and military repairs along with general machining and turning of parts.

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Many products such as rain water products, roofing, gang nail have been designed and manufactured over the years. Experience in tooling, press metal production and roll forming of such products is part of our everyday manufacturing.

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Products such as our range of Balmic pressed metal bearing housings are used Australia wide in the repair and replacement of farming equipment. We also offer plasma, laser and Waterjet cutting of special 'one off' components.

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Metal Form Group can provide general machining, turning and grinding services in the manufacture and repair of mining equipment such as conveyors, buckets, crushers in a quick turnaround service. Plasma and Waterjet cutting services are also available for breakdown service.

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Our range of CNC plasma and water jet cutting machines are ideal for the manufacture of transport equipment such as trailers, tippers, fuel & dairy tankers, dollies etc. The versatile CAD programs provide easy design, manufacture and remanufacture of transportation products.

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