Our range of power presses range from 12 ton to 400 ton capacity.

We have a variety of coil handling options from hand feed presses, pneumatic strip feed presses, decoilers, Mechanical roll feed presses and 3 in 1 compact decoiler/straightener/NC feeding systems. We are able to feed up to 1000mm wide coil material and up to 9mm thick. Our overhead crane enables easy coil loading keeping aisle ways forklift-free where possible.

Our two 400 ton presses are equipped with fully automated transfer systems suitable for handling up to six dies in the one press with only one operator. This gives a distinct advantage in cost savings when compared to one die per press operation.

We continually strive to upgrade and maintain our equipment and the modern uncluttered layout ensures a smooth flow of product through the plant.

We have a skilled workforce that can be called on to run production as required and our range of equipment gives us great flexibility to run dies of all shapes and sizes for many different industries. Some currently serviced industries include automotive, building, white goods, electrical, refrigeration, agricultural.

Metal Form group have provided quality Metal Stamping and manufacturing since 1969. With the versatility of our range of power presses, we can deliver to specification for a variety of production needs. Talk to us today to find out how our metal stamping services can assist your project.

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