TCT Holesaws Accessories

The Karnasch range of Power Max Holesaws are extremely robust and are available with Easy-Change quick-change connect shank system.

  • Change the shank within approximately 10 seconds
  • Extremely robust & durable design
  • Specially designed for heavy duty applications on building sites
  • All centre drills are supplied with cross-grinding for spot boring without run (centre punching not required) and ejector spring

Power Max 10

The flat-cut holesaw is the next generation. Ultra strong body, up to 12mm cutting depth capacity. The low cutting width(2.2mm) enables boreholes up to 120mmØ with hand drills. All sizes are with interchangeable shank.

Range: 14mm - 120mmØ

Power Max 30

The heavy duty carbide deep cutting holesaw from Karnasch. Ultra strong body, up to 30mm cutting depth capacity. A mere 4mm cutting width is applicable for holes up to 40mmØ with hand drills.

Range: 14mm - 120mmØ

Power Max 60

The all-round universal carbide holesaw for tradies, electricians, sanitary & heating installers, carpenters, cabinet makers and stair & kitchen builders.The ideal solution for almost all applications with a higher number of teeth guaranteeing clean cutting edges along with greater durability.

Range: 25mm - 105mmØ

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